April 2018: Lord Butler Opens 2creatEffects Dynamic Thinking Training Course

Our core training course, 'Dynamic Thinking', was based on recommendations and lessons from the famous 'Butler Review', The Review of Weapons of Intelligence on Weapons of Mass Destruction (Iraq). On Thursday 15th and Friday 16th March Lord Butler attended two of our events; A conference entitled 'lessons from the Butler Review applied to business leaders', and a Master Degree training seminar entitled 'Dynamic Thinking in Intelligence Analysis, whereby Lord Butler imparted with wisdom from his career to students at Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid. Feedback from conference attendees and students was excellent. Attendees included senior officials from the intelligence community as well as a number of eminent academics.


Head of the Civil Service, Private Secretary to 5 Prime Ministers, Master of University College Oxford - Lord Butler's career has been exceptional, unlike any other. We think of him as the Gandalf of Government. 

You can read about the Butler Review here

And about Lord Butler's career here

Learn about the Dynamic Thinking course here:


We're very proud to have delivered our first course in Dynamic Thinking at Europol HQ in Den Hague. Feedback from the course has been excellent and we're excited about further developing this partnership over the coming months and years.

16.12.2015. 2creatEffects published in the annual journal/magazine of the Icelandic Homes and Schools Society 'Timarit'- "It's not what we teach, but how we teach". Read the article here

02.12.2015 Chris Jagger of 2creatEffects is invited to speak at the annual security conference of the University of Akuyeri and the Foriegn Ministry on "building maritime situational awareness in the North Atlantic". The conference will be held in March 2016.

01.12.2015 Check out our latest article titled "Spies and CI's" published in the Strategic Competive Intelligence Practioners magazine. Chris discusses the similarities between security and business  intelligence. Read here

26.11.2015 2creatEffects delivers a course in Dynamic Thinking in Intelligence operations to a group of analysts and investigators at EULEX in Pristina, Kosovo. This was a particularily exciting event since this unit was where Chris Jagger started his international agency career back in 2001. This course was followed by a short seminar with the Kosovo Police Service Financial Intelligence Unit. "It was wonderful to witness first hand so much progress" - Chris Jagger

25.11.2015 2creatEffects delivers a brand new and exciting course in "Essential Profesional Skills and Teamworking" at the Kosovo Institute of Leadership. 

20.11.2015 2creatEffects is selected as a preferred consultant to a major Icelandic financial institution on Anti-Money-Laundering compliance. 

17.11.2015 2creatEffects assists Save the Children in the publication of their latest internet safety guide which can be downloaded here.

01.11.2015 Welcome to Sara Woodhatch. Sara has joined 2creatEffects to help us develop our operations in the UK. Sara has a long background working in film as a Producer. You can read more about Sara's background here.


We've been voted one of the best children education providers in Europe!


Last week we were voted into the top 5 of e-safety courses in Europe by the European Unions Safer Internet community at their annual general conference! (Over 40 nominations were made) www.saferinternet.org

01.06.2015: Wow - we've been voted into the prestigious SCIP 100 Club!

We're extremely proud to report that our most recent course in dynamic thinking in competitive intelligence gained a clear set of 100% positive feedback across all categories. www.scip.org

13.05.2015: Chris together with Professor Ruben Arcos of University Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid did a book signing together at the Annual SCIP "Game Changers" Convention, at the Marriott Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia. The book, "The Art of Intelligence Analysis", which is a practical 'ready-to-run' handbook of lessons for teaching analysts has gained excellent feedback from both  the security and business analytical communities. 


Having been voted "Best at Conference" in the European SCIP event last year, Chris was invited to deliver two seminars at annual convention on "Dynamic Thinking in Competitive Intelligence" and "Gamification as a learning aid" 

8.05.2015: Whilst in Atlanta (USA) Chris had the opportunity and honor to meet with Ted Turner -  founder of CNN. One of the topics of conversation was the United Nations (which Chris used to work for).  In the last 10 years or so Ted has given away over 1 billion $ to the United Nations Foundation.  

29.03.2015: Our courses in internet safety made it to the front pages of the Icelandic national newpapers today! You can read the original article in Icelandic here. Or the English version here.

19.03.2015: Chris is interviewed by the Iceland Computer Society following a seminar talk to 100 Government and Private Sector IT security experts at the Grand Hotel Reykjavik. To read the interview in full click here

11.03.2015: Chris is interviewed on radio Iceland about the Enter Cyber Town Project. Enter Cyber is a e-safety educational project for which 2creatEffects is responsible for designing and delivering across all schools in Iceland. Visit www.entercybertown.com for more information! 

03.03.2015: Chris delivers a seminar on "e-safety through e-learning" to 50 Head Teachers, IT Directors and students in Vasteras, Sweden. The event was organised by Engvall Security, one of Sweden's leading IT security consultancies

September 2017: 2creatEffects goes into partnership with Jane's to provide high calibre training in Anti Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing. Read more here    Next course will be held at our offices close to Liverpool Street, London - Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th October 2017. Write to chris@2createffects.co.uk to book a place or to request further information. 

August 2017: 'Escorting the Monarch', the history of the Special Escort Group  - the mobile security team responsible for protecting the British Monarchy and visiting Heads of State, goes to print. Released 30th October 2017. Author - Chris Jagger, Company Leader of 2creatEffects. Pre orders here:

May 2017: 2creatEffects provides comprehensive consultancy and training in a Wildlife Trafficking project spanning across much of SE Asia. An ongoing project which we're proud to be a part of. 

April 2017: 2creatEffects completes an important study for the European Commission on Small Arms and Light Weapons programmes in the Western Balkans. 

March 2017: One of Courses on Cyber Security is featured on the European Unions Better Internet for Kids websites

January 2017: We deliver a course in Dynamic Thinking to a group of medical researchers working on cutting edge cancer treatment. To learn more read here. 

December 2016: Chris and Shaun deliver a course in Dynamic Thinking to a team of Formula race car engineers based in Reykjavik. Read more here.

November 2016: Chris speaking  at the Global Counter Terrorism Conference at the UK Security Expo. His talk focused on Dynamic Thinking in Intelligence Operations. The audience of several hundred were taken through a live simulation exercise whereby they had to respond to an emerging incident. Chris shared the stage with Lord Jonathan Evans (DG of MI5) and the Head of the UK's Border Agency. 

October: Chris speaking  at the House of Commons before MP's , Lords and leaders of business. His talk focused on the "Insider Threat" - how to find the bad apples in your organisation whilst maintaining liberty. 

July 2016 A huge honour and a landmark moment for 2creatEffects as they are invited to co-host and speak at the House of Commons in a dinner conference focused on Security and Liberty. The event will be attended by a number of Ambassadors, Industry Leaders, MP's as well as members of the House of Lords.

June .2016 Chris Jagger, Company Leader of 2creatEffects, assists as a special advisor to the campaign office of the winning candidate for the office of President of Iceland.

05.05.2016. In partnership with Klifid, 2creatEffects launches its first childrens educational course in Dynamic Thinking. The project is taking place in conjunction with the International School in Iceland.

01.03.2016. 2creatEffects is interviewed by Garfunkel Communications in an article titled "Think Like a Spy" . Read here

01.02.2016. 2creatEffects launches a new course in Anti Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing especially designed for Financial Institutions. Taking a fresh approach to the subject we'll show you how to build a vigilant mind-set capable of assisting the law enforcement and intelligence agencies in combating today's greatest security challenges 

01.01.2016. 2creatEffects enters into a new business partnership with Washington DC based firm Global Strategies Global Solutions. The new parterships reflects our growing range of educational services. The partnership places particular focus on US government operations in Africa.  

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01.02.2015: We're very proud to annouce that we were voted "Best Speaker in Conference" at the Annual European SCIP Convention in Amsterdam last October. The event was so well received that we've been invited to paricipate in the SCIP International 30th Anniversary Conference in Atlanta, USA this coming May. 

17.12.2014: The first of our series of children's internet safety courses are to go live across schools in Iceland in January 2015. You can learn more at the dedicated website www.entercybertown.com

01.12.2014: 2creatEffects co-authors a White Paper for the British Chartered Institute for IT on Information Security: The Case for a Global Skills Framework . The paper can be viewed here

03.11.2014: Chris Jagger delivers a live simulation exercise seminar to nearly 100 business analysts on Dynamic Thinking in Competitive Intelligecnce Analysis at the annual SCIP Convention. https://www.scip.org/ 

18.09.2014 : Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid invites Chris to speak at their 'Digital Society' Congress. The presentation will focus on the pros and cons of e-learning mechanisms. 

17.09.2014 : Today we launched a series of e-safety courses for kids aged between 6-20. The courses are housed at www.entercybertown.com 

We've decided to offer the first of the series 'Embla the Cyber Dog' - for 5-6-7 year olds free of charge!   

13.05.2014 : We have been selected by the childrens charity SAFT (Safter Internet - for Kids) to design and deliver a new series of educational courses in cyber security for all school aged children in Iceland. The education will be delivered using a wide range of innovative e-learning methods (stories, games and puzzles). The project will be supervised and supported by Save the Children together with the Icelandic Ministry of Education. We expect the first release of our educational cyber packages to take place in early September 2014. 

29.04.2014 : Last year we were invited to contribute to a book on training the intelligence community by writing a chapter on simulation exercises. The book is now on sale and the first review has been writen. READ MORE

19.03.2014 : We are humble to announce that our Company Leader was interviewed during a recent visit to Barcelona by the academic journal 'Hipotesis'. READ MORE

15.03.2014 : We are proud to announce that in partnership with the University Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid our 'certificate in cyber hygiene' is now fully intergrated into a Masters of Intelligence Analysis. READ MORE

01.10.2013 : We are proud to announce that we now have a partnership with Wolverhampton Business School at the University of Wolverhampton.

01.05.2013 : We are proud to announce that in partnership with the University of Iceland located in Reykjavik. Together we can now offer a "diploma in dynamic thinking". 

05.05.2012 : We are grateful to the Icelandic Government for asking us to organise their first conference on Cybersecurity. The event included a series of workshops between both the Government and Private sectors. The topic of "Cyber Hygiene" was discussed and 2creatEffects has taken on the task of designing a cyber hygiene e-learning course. WATCH VIDEO               READ MORE