We offer a team of experienced, proven and independent thinkers. Each member of our team has worked in environments where empathy to the status-quo and adaptability in response to change is essential to survival and success. 



We facilitate idea generating and problem solving using live issues from within your own business. These workshops can be delivered together with your key staff - both in individual and group sessions.

Research, Advice and Publication

We have experience with a wide range of projects ranging from security intelligence through to innovation in the workplace. Please see our case studies for examples. 

Seminars and Conferences

We organise seminars on a wide range of topics relating to the challenges ahead of businesses in 21st century.



CASE STUDY: Major General Jonathan Shaw CB CBE, Case-Study: Meeting the challenges of Cyber Security -
Education Management 

We're experienced in designing comprehensive education programmes as well as conducting learning needs analysis. Through our own management team and network of trusted associates we're able to offer you the option of outsourcing your entire education requirements to us. 

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