Desired Outcome:  Increased Critical and Creative Thinking in Analysis at EUROPOL

Delivered a tailored version of our two-day workshop in 'Dynamic Thinking' for a group of Strategic Analysts at Europe’s prestigious police agency, Europol. Analysts were taught new skills in critical and creative thinking. They learned to challenge complex information, developed multiple hypotheses, and communicate uncertain and high risk recommendations.


Desired Outcome: Prepare HR Team for Business Change Programme: NATIONAL CRITICAL INFRASTUCTURE

Tailored our highly acclaimed workshop in Dynamic Thinking for the Director of HR and his staff at a national energy company. The workshop was designed to spur a mindset of innovation, positive towards organisational and business change.  

River Dam

Desired Outcome: Innovation Mindset (Formula Racing Engineers)

Designed and delivered a bespoke workshop to help a team of engineers form a innovative habits of mind. Coached them into employing a collection of memorable and quick to employ techniques for generating ideas and controlling risk.

Race car driver

Desired Outcome: Increase 'challenge' in Medical Research. 

Delivered a workshop to a group of cancer researchers on how to apply critical and creative thinking techniques in their daily work. The workshop employed a combination of discussions, debates, case-studies, and group work culminating in a live simulation exercise where the participants were able to put their new skills to test.


Desired Effect: Dynamic Thinking in Special Forces Operations: ARMED FORCES

Designed and delivered a bespoke 5 day workshop in high risk decision making for a group of senior military offices from the Special Forces. A combination of tools were used to achieve the desired effects including lectures, theory analysis, risk identification-evaluation-mitigation training, group work, simulation exercises, facilitated discussions and debates as well as carefully selected cognitive experiments. Personal case studies from our own experience in the field of security and intelligence were used to highlight certain lessons. Feedback from the workshop was excellent. The workshop is now a regular feature with this client.

Army Soldiers

Desired Outcome: Increased Awareness of the value of Intelligence Analysis in support of Military Operations

Inspired a group of senior military officers to employ intelligence across a spectrum of military operations. Facilitated a discussion through the use real world case studies where intelligence analysis has helped direct operations and achieve ingenious results.


Following extensive research – spanning many aspects of psychology, learning and behavioural change methodology, live simulation experiments combined with careful course piloting, we designed a two day workshop on critical and creative thinking in intelligence analysis. The course, which ultilises a mixture of learning methods, was delivered to several hundred officers gaining exceptional feedback.

Desired Effect: Prevent Intelligence Failure (Butler Review): HM GOVERNMENT

Consultancy  and Mixed Engagements

Desired Outcome: Inspire a vigilant security culture in a Bank:  Compliance - Anti-Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing 

Through careful consultation, 2creatEffects led a series of high impact activities designed to help our client raise and strengthen their guard against a number of security challenges. We achieved this by helping individuals and teams form new vigilant habits of mind charged to identify, investigate and defend. The programme was delivered using a combination of tools including workshops, seminars, e-learning, coaching, consultancy and a tailored made information campaign.  See course description

Desired Outcome: Improved Teamwork and Communication

Provided a critical analysis of existing team dimensions and communication styles followed by high impact advice on how to remove barriers and move forward to an inclusive and mission orientated style of working. Individuals received coaching in different presentation styles and were able to practice techniques in live simulation exercises. 

Desired Outcome: Increase Intelligence Capability (NGO)

Following a period of research and consultation, 2creatEffects designed an intelligence management system based on UK good practice tailored for the specific use of our client. The project included the development of doctrine and practitioners handbooks.

Desired Outcome: Assessment Paper (Small Arms & Light Weapons)

2creatEffects was charged by a major international organisation to conduct research, analysis and assessment of the success and failure of Small Arms and Light Weapons programmes that had been delivered over a period of 10 years in the Western Balkans.

Desired Outcome: Decision Making Under Pressure

Designed a bespoke solution for a group of senior military officers to help them enhance their skills in making complex high risk decisions whilst under pressure. The consultation concluded with the delivery of a live simulation exercise. 

Desired Outcome: Improved and Updated Guidelines

We were charged to conduct a complex project to bring a group of staff in line with a common approach to conducting a high risk business activity. Spread out across 12 countries, although these individuals worked for the same organisation they had competing and conflicting priorities. Culture and local laws also influenced existing practices and needed to be taken into account accordingly.   

Desired Outcome: Increase security vigilance of Children and Young Adults aged 5-20

Following an extensive period of research and development 2creatEffects provided advice to teachers on how to raise security awareness in schools. The project culminated in us designing a series of e-learning and blended learning courses designed especially for schools. The project was supported by the Ministry of Education, Save the Children, The Red Cross and the National Police Service.

Desired Outcome: Private Sector Vetting and Due-Diligence 

In partnership with a law firm, 2creatEffects advised on the creation of a staff vetting process including helping draft a commercial policy. The project also required us to build a due-diligence process in line with specific regulatory requirements.  

Seminars and Conferences 

House of Commons (Palace of Westminster)

Chris Jagger was invited to speak before Lords, MP's and Leaders of business at the House of Commons on the value of Dynamic Thinking, placing a particular emphasis on the balance of Security and Liberty. 

Rey Juan Carlos University (Lord Butler of Brockwell)

2creatEffects was invited to organise and chair a conference with senior academics and government officials in Spain on lessons learned from the Butler Review into Intelligence on Weapons of Mass Destruction (Iraq). The conference took place in Madrid.


Business Partners Anti-Money Laundering Conference

As a part of a on-going consultancy with a bank, we were asked to organise and chair a conference on the future of anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing in the financial services industry. The conference was attended by over twenty key business partners with four thought-leading speakers. 


Cyber Security: Building State Defences

On behalf of the association of government directors in Iceland, we organised a three day conference on Cyber Security bringing together both government and private sector leaders. The keynote address was Major General Jonathan Shaw, UK Cyber Tzar.


UK Security Expo

Chris Jagger shared a stage with the Director of MI5 whilst delivering a live simulation exercise to approximately three hundred audience participants. The exercise caused individuals to challenge the status-quo and employ their quick thinking Spy Skills in a challenging, fun and lively way.


Desired Outcome: Facilitate Discussion on the need for increased Cyber Security in Schools

We delivered a seminar combined with group discussion to over 50 head teachers and senior teaching staff on our approach to raising knowledge and vigilance in cyberspace with children aged 5-20. We presented the results of a 6 month research project followed by a step by step description of our teaching methodology. 

Desired Effect: Build Robust Teams Capable of Self Challenge: NGO


Delivered a tailored workshop to a mixed group of senior executives from across three departments; audit, investigations and intelligence. Our workshop helped eliminate obstacles blocking cooperation, understanding and the pulling of resources to achieve the clients core goals. Participants were left with positive habits of mind helping them shift their approach towards robust team work; helping them achieve their core goals. We continue to deliver assistance to this client in other areas.

Desired Outcome: Challenging Norms - Senior Business Leaders 

Facilitated a compact workshop at the annual European conference of the Strategic Competitive Intelligence Practitioners (SCIP) with over 150 industry leaders, including directorate level staff from Rolls Royce, Everything Everywhere, Marks and Spencer’s and Thomas Cook.  Chris Jagger of 2creatEffects was voted “Best at Conference”, against a list of over 50 other speakers, for his workshop and contribution.

Desired Outcome: Prepare For Business Change in Technology: INSURANCE INDUSTRY

Facilitated a series of large group discussions using a combination of ‘thinking-techniques’ and fun simulation exercises with 140 members of staff from a leading insurance company. The discussions generated a number of valuable ideas pertaining to the future of insurance. Furthermore the workshop assisted in preparing the staff  positive and inclusively for future business change. The event resulted in an enhanced understanding the need for change, together with a general consensus of positivity and optimism towards the future.