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"The Dynamic Thinking workshop is great for individuals that need to think on their feet"

"Attending a Dynamic Thinking workshop is the best way to update your anti-bias and innovation thinking tools!"

"Inspiring - packed full of excellent thinking tools"

"Helped me realise my greater potential - pushed me out of my comfort zone and I liked it!"

""Made my team work better than ever!"

"2CE are great consultants. Experienced - reliable - trustworthy - efficient - fun -  innovative" 

"The simulation exercise was genius - simple, but highly effective" 

"Perfect for anyone that wants to compete and stay ahead of their game"

"Not just educational, but practical and fun"

"Best e-learning course I've ever done. The Anti Money Laundering course was fun, interesting and very informative" 

"Thought provoking and inspiring"

"I'm a more confident analyst for doing the Dynamic Thinking workshop"

Andrew Beurschgens
Head, Market and Competitive Intelligence at EE

Chris Jagger is the personification of brilliance in insight skills transfer from his military background to a commercial world, exemplified when he facilitated the best performing session at SCIP’s 19th European Summit in Amsterdam, entitled ‘The Art and Science of Dynamic Thinking in Complex and Ever Changing Business Environments‘. His brilliance was personified through one of the most engaging and simplified sharing of tools and techniques for creative thinking I have witnessed. This will ensure that Chris’ continually developing knowledge base associated with dynamic thinking will be of enormous value to any business irrespective of its focus and equally applicable to any part of its value chain. His dose of good humour will ensure that the message not only lands but is remembered and more importantly acted upon!

"An excellent course for start-ups and entrepreneurs"

"They not only get you thinking creatively - he gets you doing innovation!"

Intelligence Analysis Student
I recently attended a two day course in Dynamic Thinking at a Master class at University Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid. The course was inspiring and packed full of practical tools for thinking outside of the box. Highly recommended.


Sturla Hreinsson

Director of Human Resources, Landsvirkjun 


In my opinion training is a waste of time unless you push people out of the comfort zone if only a little bit. 2CreateEffects took my team on a challenging journey and put team work truly to the test. My team gained insight on the value of communication, focus to detail and how to merge complex information into decisive action - sounds like something we have to handle in real life doesn't it? I was very pleased with both content and delivery. My team endured time pressure and conflicting information and still we managed to keep our bearings. We loved it and can wholeheartedly recommend the professional collaboration with 2CreateEffects.

IT Project Manager, Valitor Financial Services


This course is perfect for anyone that wants to compete and stay ahead of the game.

Compliance Officer, Valitor Financial Services 


This course is great for anyone that needs to think of their feet in their line of work.

Branch Manager


As a team-building event this is just what I was searching for. The instructors had us working outside of our comfort-zones and we really managed to get to the bottom of what it means to be a highly effective team. Highly recommended. 

Attorney and Chief Government legal advisor


The critical and creative thinking course is extremely efficient in its aims and objectives. I found the experience highly motivating. The instructors are to the point yet in an interesting and challenging manner. They get you thinking about thinking. I highly recommend this course to others - it's well suited for almost every audience

Accountant, Major International Airline


What did you enjoy most? "the challenge of being set out of my comfort zone and asked to think in a new way, and of course the scenario exercise was brilliant"



I was very pleased to participate in a thought-provoking exercise of this kind. It really opened my eyes to new ways of thinking and challenging myself. The exercise was lively and made a strong impression on me

Intelligence Analyst


This was simply the best course I have ever attended. The simulation exercises were extremely realistic and provided a great opportunity to test out the highly effective techniques we were shown on day one. Inspiring and thought-provoking. I can't wait to use what we were taught in the office!

Journalist, Spain


I've attended many courses before. This one really got me thinking "outside the box". They started by having me realise what my own box actually was - something I thought I knew but quickly realised I didn't! A perfect course and highly recommended.

Competitive Business Analyst 

Put simply I'd recommend this course to all of my colleagues. The method they use for teaching the course is excellent - memorable and inspiring. They really get your thoughts flowing and a good debate going! 

I.T Professional  

Inspring and thought provoking. Packed full of actionable techniques!

Media Manager

Much appreciated course. Informative and fun at the same time - which is a hard feat. 


Jel McGill, IT Professional 


Chris is a leader in his field of providing cyber training to novices and experts alike. Chris devised and delivered an excellent training programme to a tough deadline and a tough crowd.