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"Participants leave armed with new ideas, information that sparks the imagination, as well as practical tools and techniques tuned to tackling challenges in their own working environment" - former participant. 


We have a reputation in the industry for building lively, fun and thought provoking workshops bespoke to our clients needs. But we also have a collection of tried and tested off-the-shelf single or multi-day options that have been delivered to thousands of professionals.


























Dynamic Thinking
Financial Crime (AML)
Dynamic Intelligence Operations
Intelligence Studies
Leadership (Get in touch)
Team Dynamics (Get in touch)
Red Teaming (Get in touch)
Anti-bias (Get in touch)
Innovation Techniques (Get in touch)
Decision Making (Get in touch)
Presenting (Get in touch)
Risk Assessment (Get in touch)
Devils Advocate (Get in touch)
Know Your Competitor (Get in touch)
Conflict Management (Get in touch)
Train the trainer (Get in Touch)
Facilitation Skills (Get in touch)
Cyber Hygiene (Get in touch)
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