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Dynamic Capability. Intellectual Integrity. Strong Teams. Driving Innovation. Preventing Human and Institutional Failure

Whilst the purpose that drives you may remain the same, the landscape in which you operate will change. Essential to survival and success, we help our clients become purpose driven, vision minded and mission orientated - dynamic in capability and leaders of change

Individuals, teams and organisations fail and succeed, depending on their ability to think Dynamically. The most successful organisations are those who possess a clear understanding of their purpose, vision and missions - we help identify, communicate and inspire people to believe in them.

We help clients harness the utility of thought; building vigilant mindsets capable of challenging the status-quo, solving complex problems, imaging multiple futures, planning for and reducing uncertainty, forming intelligent decisions, and seeking out ingenious ways to innovate; Dynamic Thinking. 

Practices that lean towards maintaining the status-quo can often lead to critical failure in whatever line of business you are in. We are therefore charged to seek out new ways of working. Yet dynamic thinking isn't the norm. Examples of failure due to a lack of dynamic thinking can be seen in the global financial crash, government security failures, health care tragedies, and an amorphous list of collapsed private sector business ventures. Even if the consequences remain serious, not all failures are so obvious. Rather many are subtle, often caused by a lack of intellectual integrity.


Mindsets suited to your Purpose, Vision and Missions


To succeed and lead in your field, individuals must form innovative and vigilant habits of mind, think on their feet and be responsive to change. To do so they must learn to challenge the status-quo, ask incisive questions, inspire teamwork and seek mission orientated solutions. 

Whatever your role we work with new joiners to board members. We'll show you, your team and your organisation how to harness the utility of thought and become a vision & mission orientated dynamic thinker; 

Dynamic Thinking Mindset: Individual, Team and Organisational benefits

- form vigilant, inquisitive and innovative habits of mind; dynamic thinking

- prepared and positive towards change 

- identify barriers to change and form solutions to overcome them

- plan for future scenarios, uncertain futures - both good and bad

- build intellectual integrity and honesty into thought processes and working practices 

- identify and maximise opportunities

- form a mindset confident in managing risk related activities

- identify and control risks

- identify and control unintended consequences

- building confidence in working with complexity

- learn to regulate thinking whilst under pressure

- make decisions under pressure

- tackle cognitive and group biases

- embrace intellectual and cultural diversity

- challenge fixed mindsets, working practices and cultures - challenge everything! 

- reduce confusion and increase clarity of thought

- build an inclusive and people smart mindset

- appreciate different perspectives

- develop and strengthening teamwork 

- harness individual talent in team work

- build a strong sense of common purpose; mission orientated

- form team working practices that defend against group think 

- improve individual and team communication

- achieve high levels of objectivity

- reduce confusion and increase clarity of thought

- build an inclusive and people smart mindset

- understand the value of empathy in the workplace 

- increase intellectual efficiency 

- reduce wasted time

- deliver advice with clarity and purpose

- present to challenging and senior audiences

- communicate uncertainty 

- improve partnership and collaborative working 

- practice negotiating with difficult individuals - form strategies to gain control

- learn to build influence with senior staff and key decision makers

- develop trust building tactics

- extract tips from the work cultures of successful individuals, teams & organisations 

Our history  


2creatEffects (2CE) was founded in response to Lord Butler's Review of Intelligence on Weapons of Mass Destruction. Our founder, Chris Jagger, was charged to address the observations of the review. In particular, Chris had a vision for how to design a vibrant culture capable of questioning norms and inspiring innovative thinking in intelligence operations; two key lessons identified by the review. 

Following a period of research, development and consultancy, Chris was invited to deliver his unique method in Dynamic Thinking for several hundred Intelligence Officers. The method "Dynamic Thinking" proved to be a success. The final product is aligned with the competency standards for analysts outlined by the Professional Head of Intelligence. Read here

Originally we built our engagements on decades of experience from the world of intelligence, military special operations and criminal/counter terrorist investigations. Success was often determined by our ability to work dynamically - to challenge norms and to deliver imaginative solutions. Failure would have significant consequences so an ability to reduce risk and unintended consequences was essential.

Since 2011 we have engaged with scores of clients across many difference industries. Projects have been diverse, ranging from Formula Racing through to Medical Research, providing us with new experiences and an ability to offer a wider range of services and support.

The lessons we have to share apply to all professional sectors that wish to remain ahead of their game. 

Chris Jagger, 2creatEffects, with Lord Robin Butler, Baron Butler of Brockwell KG GCB CVO PC (2018)

Lord Butler was Private Secretary to five Prime Ministers, Secretary to the Cabinet, and Head of the Civil Service.


On retirement from the civil service, he became Master of University College Oxford. He is a member of the Privy Council.