An evening with Lord Butler Lessons from the Butler Review applied to business

The Review of Intelligence on Weapons of Mass Destruction, widely known as the Butler Review after its chairman Robin Butler, Baron Butler of Brockwell, was announced on 3 February 2004 by the British Government and published on 4 July 2004. It examined the intelligence on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction which played a key part in the Government's decision to invade Iraq (as part of the U.S.-led coalition) in 2003.

Lord Butler will use the evening as an opportunity to discuss lessons gleaned from the review, and how they might of value to businesses, teams and individuals.  

When: Thursday 15th March at 6pm.

Where: Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid

Please register your interest to attend by writing to, Ms Sara Acosta: 

A day with Major General Jonathan Shaw

UK Government Cyber Tzar

Following an illustrious career with the British Army, including Commanding the Special Air Service, and later becoming Director Special Forces, MG Shaw was appointed to lead the UK Ministry of Defence Cyber Strategy. 

Organised by 2creatEffects, MG Shaw spent a day presenting and debating different approaches to delivering security, drawing on the concept of 'Cyber Hygiene'. Audiences comprised of Ministers, Academics, and Business Leaders.

The event was held in Reykjavik, Iceland.