Chris Jagger, Company Leader

Chris Jagger, Company Leader Chris has a passion for challenging the status-quo and helping teams achieve a dynamic mission orientated mindset. Career: Met Police ¦ NCIS ¦ United Nations ¦ NATO ¦ SOCA ¦ DAI ¦ 2creatEffects Chris holds a Certificate in Law and a master's in Intelligence and Security Studies

Sara Acosta, Spainish Ops

Sara Acosta, Spainish Ops Sara holds two master degrees in European studies and Intelligence Analysis. She has experience in the public sector (in the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in areas such as Sahel and China) and in the private sector in various national and international companies including Microsoft.

Shaun Romeril, Lead Consultant

Shaun Romeril, Lead Consultant After a 30 year career as a senior manager with the Metropolitan Police, predominantly in the National Security arena, Shaun Romeril has a unique blend of operational leadership, strategy development and planning expertise. He has developed and deployed innovative strategies and systems working with national and international partners in challenging circumstances and delivered significant results. Shaun was the Program Manager for the National Counter Terrorist (CT) network Olympic plan and responsible for the its design and delivery.

Philip Williams, Senior Advisor

Phillip Williams OBE, Senior Advisor Phil served in the British Army for 35 years; much of the time in UK Special Forces where, in addition to operational deployments, he held positions that were responsible for human resources and for training. On leaving the Army he worked as a civilian adviser to a NATO Command on organised crime and border security. He holds a master's in International Relations from Cambridge University.

Sara Woodhatch, Media Consultant

Sara Woodhatch, Media Consultant Sara has spent much of her career in media, working hand in hand with top tier media professionals, producers, directors, actors and actresses (including Company Executive for Hugh Grant). Her business requires continuous dynamic thinking.

Ian Orr MBE, Risk Constultant

Ian Orr MBE, Risk Constultant With an extensive background in both military and commercial sectors, Ian is a specialist in Emergency Management and Risk