The 2creatEffects (2CE) Education Exchange




The 2CE Education Exchange is an innovative not-for profit project which aims to assist in improving the condititions of vulnerable children in all corners of the world. Our primary mission is to build an active and vibrant global network where individuals can share their ideas, knowledge, skills, stories and experiences through educational videos. 


How it works: 


Through well established and trusted charitable partnerships we are reaching out to vulnerable children  and helping them to create short educational videos. The videos cover a wide range of interests spanning from arts and crafts - hair and make-up - emergency road-side vehicle repairs - story telling ... and so on!  


- Purchase a video. By purchasing access to an educational video you will be directly helping to fund the continuation of this project.


- Donate a video. By making your own educational video you will be able to "swop" your video for another already offered on this website. This way you'll be sharing your own lesson with someone in another part of the world entirely free of charge.  


The project will be formally launched, together with further information about how you can get involved, in January 2017.