United through Dynamic Thinking, we believe in the value of different perspectives.


Company Leader 

Since founding 2CE in 2011, Chris Jagger has worked as a consultant and workshop facilitator to wide range of clients across many different professional sectors. His concept of Purpose Driven ¦ Vision Minded ¦ Mission Orientated ¦ Dynamic Thinking is now used by a growing cohort of professionals in all corners of the Globe. His workshop method is described in the book, The Art of Intelligence. 


Chris holds a Certificate in Law and a Masters in Intelligence and Security Studies (Distinction) from Buckingham University in the United Kingdom. He is a published  author (Escorting the Monarch - We Lead Others Follow), and contributes in journals, specialist magazines and academic text books.



Senior Adviser

Philip Williams served in the British Army for 35 years; much of the time in UK Special Forces where, in addition to operational deployments, he held positions that were responsible for human resources and for training. On leaving the Army he worked as a civilian adviser to a NATO Command on organised crime and border security. He holds a Masters in International Relations from Cambridge University.

Lead Consultant 

After a 30 year career as a Police Officer, predominantly in the National Security arena, Shaun Romeril has a unique blend of operational leadership, strategy development and planning expertise. He has developed and deployed innovative strategies and systems working with national and international partners in challenging circumstances and delivered significant results. Shaun was the Program Manager for the National Counter Terrorist (CT) network Olympic plan and responsible for the its design and delivery during  the highly successful London Olympic and Paralympic games

Consultant, Media Industries 

Sara Woodhatch has spent much of her career in media, working hand in hand with top tier media professionals, producers, directors, actors and actresses (including Company Executive for Hugh Grant). Her business requires continuous dynamic thinking. Frequently managing small teams in development through to huge teams with multiple departments during production - this is her world - and it’s a model that has fluidity at its core and is as fast paced as it is pressured. 2012 saw Sara form Ichor Magma Productions and produce with one of the Titans of Independent Film - Richard Linklater on Before Midnight. Produced by Sara, the Film was sold to Sony Picture Classics when it premiered at Robert Redford’s Sundance Film Festival and was OSCAR® nominated for it’s screenplay. Her company is currently invested in a number of new film and TV projects.

Sales Executive

Mikael Suvero spent the first half of his career in banking and finance, frequently acting as a personal financial adviser to some of Sweden's most successful businesses. Mikael Suvero then decided to become an entrepreneur - at which he has excelled. His range of projects span the endless limits of his imagination.

Research Specialist & Consultant 

Jakob Thor Kristjánsson is an independent researcher and consultant specialising in a broad range of matters pertaining to both domestic and international security. He is currently working on a series of projects in the field of military history, cyber security and domestic and international security. He is a lecturer at the University of Akureyri and a former lecturer at the University of Iceland in political science, Jakob has published and edited books about military history and international relations and published academic papers in various journals and newspapers. Jakob holds a BA degree in Media Studies from University of Akureyri, Master degree in International Security from University of St Andrews and MRes degree in Political Science from University of Iceland.

Country Manager - Spain

Sara Acosta joined 2creatEffects in June 2017. She holds two master degrees in European studies and Intelligence Analysis. She has experience in the public sector (in the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in areas such as Sahel and China) and in the private sector in various national and international companies including Microsoft.  

Consultancy Team

Our team of consultants was handpicked by Chris Jagger, Company Leader of 2CE. These are people he trusts and admires - they inspire him.  The team is comprised of a mixture of senior practitioners with a wealth of experience from across various professional sectors. Each of our team members share a passion and skill for dynamic thinking - which has brought them significant personal success in their own careers. 

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