Three Day: £10,000

Two Day: £8,000

One Day: £5,000

Four Hour Seminar: £3,000 

e-learning: Various options although usually charged at £100 per head.


Example costs: Based on a group of 16 participants with the course delivered at clients own location. Two Instructors (Company Leader and Lead Consultant), basic equipment, and course materials provided within this cost.




£1500 per day per consultant - based on our consultant working at client location

£1000 per day per consultant - working from home


Additional Fees: 


Transport and accommodation are usually charged for projects outside of the consultants own country of residence. 

Prices do not include the rental of training facilities or catering. 


Reducing cost: 


Discounts may apply to new business, loyal customers, governments, academia, charities and NGO's. Negotiated reductions may apply for depending on group size, long-term projects, bulk purchases and single instructor commissions.