Team Working:


Challenge us to challenge you. Experienced in designing and running team working events you're in safe hands.


Example: Spy Academy



Our exercise is unique, fun and thought provoking.


You’ll be charged with the responsibility of the national security of your country. As a team of elite intelligence officers you’ll have to manage and respond to a complex and fast-moving environment. Throughout the exercise your team will be ‘drip-‘fed’ intelligence reports originating from a spectrum of sources from all over the world. Your primary task will be to determine what is happening, identify courses of action, and then make recommendations. You’ll need to think dynamically and use good judgment to solve problems. You’ll have to make decisions under pressure of time and give briefings and presentations to senior Ministers. You’ll have to think-on-your-feet and negotiate with foreign intelligence agencies for more information. We’ll teach you some tools and techniques to help you along the way but ultimately you’ll only be able to solve the mystery if you can work as a team.


Our team working events can be delivered as team building event - focused more towards the fun end of the spectrum.