US Ties



In 2004, President Bush named Morocco a major non-NATO ally (alongside S. Korea, Japan). The US partners with Morocco and other regional partners every year for “Desert Lion”- the largest ongoing US military exercise in Africa. In 2015, the exercise will grow to include over 3500 soldiers from the US, Morocco, the US Air Force and other regional partners.


President Obama and King Mohammed VI have a positive relationship. In November 2013, King Mohammed visited Washington and met the President. In Fall 14, President Obama is scheduled to visit Morocco to see the King. During the Fall 13 visit, President Obama reaffirmed his support for Morocco and pledged assistance and humanitarian aid for development Southern Morocco (also known as the Western Sahara).


Morocco and the US have enjoyed a long history of strong diplomatic relations and demonstrate how the US can have a substantial, mutual alliance with an Arab nation (Florence).

“We have the same values. We have economic and cultural ties. The United States recognizes the commitment of Morocco to human rights and the rule of law. With all the changes in the region, we need to send the message that an Arab country can work with the United States on the basis of shared values.” - Youssef Amrani, Morocco’s Minister Delegate of Foreign Affairs (Totten).


Morocco and the US have positive diplomatic, economic, and military relations. Morocco is a major non-NATO ally with the US.


Morocco and the US have been long term partners and allies. Morocco was the first country to recognize US independence with a naval salute on December 20, 1777. In 1787, the US and Morocco signed the “Moroccan-American Treaty of Friendship” what is now the longest unbroken treaty in US history. Moroccans are proud of their longstanding diplomatic relationship with the US and the treaty.


Morocco is the US 6th largest export market and thus maintains strong economic ties with the US. Morocco is viewed as the “gateway to Africa” because of the large ports in Casablanca and Tangier and a healthy relationship with Morocco has helped expand US access to markets in the region.