Dynamic Thinkers

Is Dynamic Thinking essential to your success?

The staggering pace of the information age challenges organisations to meet the demands of disruptive and game-changing innovation. We assist by helping our clients form dynamic habits of mind - critical, creative, vigilant and pro-active - that allow them to lead the curve; both to minimise risk, and maximise reward.

What: 4 hour 'essential thinking for success' training course

When: Thursday 15th March 2018 at 1430hrs

Price: 50 Euro per participant (20 % discount applies to former students of 2createffects)

Where: Universidad Rey Juan Carlos | Sede de Madrid-Argüelles | Calle Quintana 21, Madrid |

More information is provided here.

Please contact Xara Acosta to register your interest in attending the course. Once registered, you will then be invited to pay for your participation. Confirmation and a letter of invitation will then be mailed to you: