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1600-1900: Dynamic Thinking Skills (Stories of human and Institutional failure)

1600-1900: Cyber Hygiene (6 steps towards greater personal cyber security)



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Seminar Overview







Dynamic Thinking Skills


Individuals and institutions fail or succeed on the basis of their ability to think critically, objectively, even honestly about themselves. To remain successful, at the cutting edge, we need to review the way we work not least because the environment in which we live and work is constantly changing. In the information age every individual and every organisation needs well-honed skills in critical-thinking, creativity and team-working, to grow and stay ahead of the game. To address this we provide a unique course that helps you identify why individuals and institutions find the process of critical thinking difficult. We then provide mechanisms that companies might employ to become more dynamic, more creative and more lateral in their approach, their thinking, and more adept and accepting of change.


Cyber : 6 Steps towards greater personal cyber security


This short lecture is suited to any individual that wishes to build a basic level of knowledge of cyber security. The overall aim is to raise awareness of the threats and risks of cyberspace placing particular emphasis on the use of computers, the internet and the digital devices that connect to them. Participants will leave armed with a step by step guide of helpful tips and techniques for staying safe in cyberspace.



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